About Healing
  • I offer healing that cleanse aura and chakra, not touching the body.
    Healing is useful not only when body conditions is bad but also when you are good in health. Healing helps you to develop your QOL(quality of life), mind and soul. When you give yourself, in your busy schedule, the time and the occation that you pay attention to your body condition and your inner world, then the healing starts at that moment.

    Healing is also useful when you want to accelerate the changes in life. Healing sometimes makes you be aware of your own new character and potentiality.
    *Healing is not a medical act. Please note that heaglin doesn't substitute a diagnosis of a doctor if you have some disease.

    Healing moves your enegy directly. If you are aware of energy movement or not, your energy can move and change as far as you can accept. If you want to know how your energy is now and what is the couse of your problem or your feeling, Astrology session may be helpful for you.

[ Biography as healer ]
2004 graduated from JMA's Energetic Medicine Healing class, and started to offer healing for clients.

I offer healing sessions (3,000JPY/60min for 1 person) in Oita.
For more details please contact.