About Astrology
  • I offer Astrological counseling, teaching astrology for group or privately, and workshop on astrology irregularly. I have experiences of writing about astrology. please contact for more details and offer.

[ Consultation face to face ]
  • Schedule is irregular, please contact.
    < Consultation Fee >
    * 3,000JPY / 30min. - information for your basic charactor or a particular question
    * 5,000JPY / 60min. - comprehensive information about your charactor, tendancy, and timing in your life. also a guidance for some particular questions.
    * 5,000JPY + plus alfa - if you need to consult over 60 min.
[ Consultation by email ]
[ Consultation online ]
  • I offer consultation by Skype or MSN messenger, and phone. Fee is same as face to face consultation.

  • My career about Astrology
[ background of astrological study ]
  • 1992- started to study astrology with many books.
  • 1995- attend some classes(schooling and correspondence courses)
  • 1996- organized the study group for Experiential Astrology(Hestia's Experiential Astrology) and loanched the website 'Hestia's Experiential Astrology (Japanese) '.
[ Career as a consultant ]
  • 1998-1999 Consulted by phone through O.S.A
  • 2000- Consult by email
  • 2004- Consult face to face
    2020- Consult by chat and messabe at "LINE talk fortune-telling"
[ Career as a writer ]
[ Other Career ]